Enrich your day with Activia—a delicious lowfat yogurt that brings you billions of probiotics in every 4 oz serving.

Activia® - Mixed Berry Probiotic Yogurt
Activia Light

Enjoy the creamy, delicious taste you love with zero fat and fewer calories than regular Activia. Plus, there’s no sugar added.**

Activia® Light - Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt
New No Sugar Added
Activia Harvest Picks

Explore the silky-smooth, fruity taste of these new yogurts.^Activia Harvest Picks contains 2.5g saturated fat per 4 oz.

Activia® Harvest Picks - Mixed Berries Probiotic Yogurt
Activia Greek

Available in 5 delicious flavors, creamy-thick Activia Greek is everything you love about Greek yogurt - 0% fat and 2X the protein of regular lowfat yogurt* - with the benefits to your digestive system that you would except from Activia.

Activia Greek Light

The newest Activia® offering 80 calories (per 5.3 oz.) with the exclusive probiotic Bifidus Regularis® and the same Activia benefits*.

Activia® Greek Light
Activia Desserts

Enjoy the rich flavors of your favorite desserts with the goodness of these Activia yogurts.§ Activia Dessert contains 2.5 g sat fat per 4 oz.

Activia® Dessert - Strawberry Cheesecake
Activia Breakfast Blend

Mixed with grains and available in four delicious flavors, they’re bigger than our other varieties and have twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt.

Activia Fiber

With tasty cereal pieces and fiber, these delicious Activia lowfat yogurts are a good source of fiber.

Activia® Fiber - Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt
Activia Drinks

Refresh yourself anytime, anywhere with an Activia Drink. With tons of fruity flavor and billions of probiotics in every bottle, these cool and creamy smoothies taste great and can help regulate your digestive system.

Activia® Fiber - Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt

Bring some excitement to your day with Activia’s perfect fusion. Try our delicious fruit combinations topped with Activia’s creamy lowfat yogurt today!

Activia® Fruit Fusion Blueberry & Blackberry
Activia may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues like bloating, gas, discomfort and rumbling, when consumed twice per day for two weeks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.