Activia is a delicious line of Dannon yogurts and smoothies that contain the exclusive probiotic culture Bifidus Regularis® (Bifidobacterium lactis DN-173 010). Activia with Bifidus Regularis helps regulate your digestive system. **Consume daily for two weeks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
** Data as of 2006.
*** Activia Light: 60 Calories, 6-7g of sugar (depending on flavor); Regular Activia: 110 Calories, 18-20g of sugar per 4oz. There is no sugar added in Activia Light, the 6-7g of sugar per 4oz are naturally occurring sugars coming from the milk or from the fruit used.

It is available in a variety of flavors and sizes, as well as in Greek, Greek Light, Light, Fiber and Drinks.

Each serving of Activia contains billions of Bifidus Regularis cultures, which survive passage through the digestive tract in sufficient amounts for Activia to have its beneficial effects.

Activia is a food product and not a treatment or cure for any medical disorder or disease. If you have any concerns about your digestive system, you should consult a healthcare professional.

Activia® Black Cherry Probiotic Yogurt

Activia® Prune Probiotic Yogurt

Activia® Strawberry Banana Probiotic Yogurt

Activia® Peach Probiotic Yogurt

Activia® Mixed Berry Probiotic Yogurt

Activia® Blueberry Probiotic Yogurt

Activia® Strawberry Probiotic Yogurt

Activia® Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt

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